Passion Covers a Multitude of Sins!

Remember that no matter how little time you have to prepare for a talk a lot of what you communicate is through non-verbal body language.  If you are passionate about a subject and let this passion shine through, an audience will forgive you a number of failings in other areas – technical stuff not working (Powerpoint), starting late, etc.  However, your passion must not lead you to abuse your audience by stealing their time through over-running, by speaking so quietly that people cannot hear you or by disrespecting them in any way.  If you are excited about something it will encourage others in your audience to believe they should also be excited about the same thing.  You can communicate this through tone of voice, varied pitch, speed of talking, varied volume, expansive body movements – arms especially, facial look – eyebrows, smiles, head moving around to make eye contact with as many sections of the audience as you can and even some controlled pacing/leaping around the stage.  If the subject warrants it, allow your sense of fun and passion to spill over to others.  Some self deprecating humour is always a nice touch and plenty of pauses to give people time to breath and stay up to speed with you.  Have fun out there!


About malawiman

Husband, Father of 3, Hospital Director, Christian, Asker of Questions, Speaker, Engaged traveller on the road of life...
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